TranSexPress Issue 1 (1996)

Transcribed by Pope Guilty from Manchester Small Trans Library collection

Original scan document here

This zine was produced around or before 1996 by a Leeds based creator.

Content warning: adult themes

TranSexPress issue 1

Page 1 - cover

Image: A black and white image of a person's face, neck, and upper shoulder.
They are looking to their right and the camera's left. In the negative space
to the right, the title is stylized as tran - sex - press, with each word
running into the next and slightly larger in font. Below, in a column, are
the words "the tabletop fanzine for sexual deviants and gender dissenters".
In the lower left, the word "issue" with the numeral 1 in a circle below it.

Page 2

gender dissenters WELCOME

this is the first issue of a new publication for, and celebrating
transsexuals, transvestites, drag kings, gender benders, cross-dressers,
sexual deviants, androgynes and anyone else who fucks with society's
rules (written or unwritten) on gender and sexuality.

because this is the first issue transexpress has tried to bring a wide
variety of genderbending activitys together. so if your preferences don't
feature, write and make sure they're in the next one. transexpress may be a
small mercy, but at least it's here- england likes to keep its deviants quiet

transexpress wants
a lot more people to feel that it's ok to be whatever they want to be greater
understanding of transsexuals and tranvestites by everyone, including their
families and friends equal civil rights and liberties for transgendered persons
in that order

are you ready for six inches of role reversal? write transexpress
191 roundhay rd, leeds ls8 5an, england

page 3 - contents
no copy-right
steal bits
take apart
transexpress needs you


bred like dogs 10
we're being connned
time for change? 38
who to call
all dressed up 44
addresses + phone nos.
answer back 41
you write this page
'normal' is an illusion 11
ancient hermaphroditic genitals

les nichols 6
+annie, ftm love story
girl 8
shave that face
dyke dylemma 29
sex v. sexuality
bearded lady 17
c18 century king
mickey larson 26
"I have a real cock"
manx 15
happy inbetween

12 jayne county
its a fluid thing
18 drag is an art
tips from pudgy roberts
22 who people think
who cares?
24 football or needlepoint?
mlanne knows what she'd rather do
32 nature or nurture?
ask cheryl marie

page 4

Image: a silhouetted human figure in the middle of a recycling logo. In
foreground, the words "to transform the world and society we must first and
foremost transform ourselves"

page 5

Image: a nude transman and transwoman stand next to one another; she leans
against him and holds his hand, which is on her shoulder. Text: gender bend

page 6

Image: a photograph of a man and a woman. Text: les nichols

page 7

'he's wild- he has a cock and a pussy-both. very wild'

he's the kinkiest lover i've ever met and also one of the sexiest"

annie sprinkle on her ex-lover, les nichols

page 8

Image: the right side of a face. In the negative space to the right, in a
column, text: girl, just shave that face each day and you too could be the
lucky owner of a beard

page 9

Image: A stylized image of a hand made of angular lines, outlined light grey
and filled with dark grey. To the left, four smaller, all-white reproductions
of the main image. Foreground text: we only become what we are by the radical
and deep-seated refusal of that which others have made us.

page 10

Image: a centered woodcut-looking picture of a nude person with two heads,
one feminine and one masculine.

Text on the left: have we been bred like dogs?

Text on the right: "lets just consider the possibility that persons who did
not exhibit an either/or sex classification were destroyed at birth, or later
in life when their atypicalness manifested itsef... are we the result of this
'heritage' ..?"

billie-jean jones

page 11


Image: three sets of external genitalia

Text: these are ancient examples of the genitals of hermaphrodites. one has a
penis-shaped clitoris, one has a penis-sized clitoris, and the third has
enlarged labia

Text: we have been categorized, simplified, labelled and trained. It's

page 12

man enough to be a woman

"sexuality is more fluid than we thought it was and I think this applies to
gay men and lesbians as well as transsexuals"

page 13

Image: Centered, a photograph of Jayne County performing on stage

Text: wayne -> jayne

Text: "there are different degrees of transsexualism. i'm happy inbetween the
sexes; if i got the full sex change and had a vagina made i'd no longer have
the choice. i don't like to burn bridges."

page 14

Image: A drawing of a woman in bondage, wearing a t-shirt with a radical fist
emblem and panties.

Text: no need to tie yourself down

page 15

Image: a photograph of a man reclining

Text: "my personal body aesthetic is to be without breasts and to have large
pectoral muscles"

Text: manx is a ftm transsexual who has had a bilateral mastectomy. his sister
is a male to female transsexual.

page 16

Text in upper right: manx

Image: A circle filled with a light grey shade. Inside is an oval with a darker
grey, and inside that is a circle filled with a darkest grey. The text spirals
out from the innser circle.

Text spiral: "i think we're all androgynous. we all have the ability to
express duality. i don't feel like a man. i have masculine aspects. i also have
feminine aspects. i don't disown any of it."

page 17

Image: A photograph of a woman with a beard

Text: take it as far as you fancy

Text: one of the earliest recorded bearded ladies, Rosine-Marguerite Miller, a
celebrated circus attraction in eighteenth century Germany

page 18

Image: a photograph of a person's head and neck. The right side of their face
looks masculine, with dark, short hair and a cigarette dangling, while the left
side appears feminine, with styled blonde hair, eye makeup, and lipstick. The
text is arranged in a box around the photograph.

Text: pudgy roberts ' female impersonation tips . .

page 19

Image: A photograph that appears to be the person from page 18 but fully
femme-presenting. The text is arranged like the teasers on a magazine cover
around the image.

hall of fame no.1.......


lift your neck
place chin parallel to floor
relax shoulders
elevate chest
pull waist out of hips
never lock your knees

sit on buttocks, not thighs
cross legs at ankles rather than knees
cup hands in lap- never place both hands or elbows on armrests at the same time

keep feet parallel to eah other
relax shoulders so arms swing gracefully
lead each step with the thigh using knees as shock absorbers

page 20

Image: The same person, striking a pose with one arm across her chest and the other
falling across her body. The name "coccinelle" is written across her chest

Text: hall of fame no.2.........

the birdseed bra
cut breasts from artfoam
use the body of an inflatable doll

tape penis and testicles up betweel legs
make bulge look like lips with string
stick theatrical crepe hair to area with spirit gum

page 21

Image: a hairless person brushing a wig.

Text: hall of fame no.3.........

T.C. jones

"the best hairstle is one that harmonizes with your features and balances with your
proportions, as well as suiting your personality..."

use only wigs made from human or yak hair

blonde will be more expensive than brunette as it is rarer

page 22

Image: a photograph of a man and a woman, their arms around each other

Text: what people think is so tiny compared to what you know

page 23

Image: a drawing of a nude woman with a penis, repeated four times.

Foreground text: there are an estimated 10,000 transsexuals in the U.S. (does
anyone know the figures for the U.K.?)

page 24

Image: a line drawing of a figure, its left side white on black and masculine, its
right side black on white and feminine, and in greater detail

Text: MiAnne is a mtf transsexual

Text: "We don't choose what life sets in front of us, but our choices are governed
by our own personal tastes. As transsexuals we learned about society's definitions
of gender identity and gender roles from family, friends, teachers, preachers and
so on...... our culture. We adapted to what our own bodies, minds, and souls could
and would accept......... the rest is considered to be invalid to us personally."

page 25

"No one made you transgendered, but what you related about yourself as being
masculine or feminine is most likely influenced by your upbringing and environment.


page 26

Text: mickey larson

Image: two photographs of the same person, labeled "before" (looking butch) and
"after" (presenting male)

Text: "i used to be a constant confrontation. now i can put my energy into other

Text: "i'd look in the mirror and feel that my body did not match my self image.
people weren't perceiving me as a butch dyke, they were perceiving me as male and
i was having disassociation from my body. i was heading for a psychic rift. that's
gender dysphoria."

page 27

mickey had the full ftm* sex change

Text formatted in the shape of the outline of a paif of testicles and a penis: i
have a real cock. but if you're going to be a size queen there's nothing i can do
about it.

"I've seen how women react to guys that come on like they're jerks. i don't want
to be perceived that way...... so i'm paralysed."

"i'm glad it was hard to do, because i wanted to know for sure."

*female to male

page 28

"what matters is to be allowed to do what one needs to do" -manx

a sex change can cost ten to a hundred thousand pounds

page 29

Image: Two nude women together, one with her head between the other's legs as if
in the act of cunnilingus. She looks up at the other, who asks "would you still
want me if I became a man?"

Text: when is a dyke not a dyke?

Text: what is it about your lover that defines your sexuality?

page 30

"a lesbian loves her woman-ness and loves women who love women while a female to
male transsexual feels like an alien in a womans body and longs to be a
heterosexual male"

"it's my genitals that are dishonest. the truth is that i'm a man. i'm not gonna
tell my lovers that i'm a woman, because i'm not."

(John A.)

approx 50% of ftms lived previously as lesbians.

"we came from the lesbian community and we support lesbian and gay issues even
though we identify as heterosexual men"

(Mickey LA)

"we are a bridge- we are shamen. we are the transformation people- the people
who see both sides." (John)

page 31

Text, surrounded by a box of five-pointed stars with smaller stars inside: i
gotta be me what else could i be

page 32

Image: A woman wearing a bra, gloves, a corset, stockings, and heels pitches
slightly forward, saying "oop!" as one of her bra straps breaks and her breast
form falls to the floor with a "ploop"

Text: male to female..................

Text: 'made to a fit' "at three i asked my mother to make me a girl the way you
might ask her for lunch. she got oh so concerned and had a 'long talk' with me.
it made me realize for the first time that the world was hostile and dangerous."

Text: "nature provided me a body that can fit into small Misses sizes. my TG
tendencies were generally stifled by societal expectations until i started
dressing for the pard. on the other hand, it was society's expectations that
highlightened by differences from a "normal" male and similarities to a "normal"
female." - Cheryl Marie


page 33

Image: in the background, silhouetted figures walking and running

Text: traveller, there are no paths. paths are made by walking.

page 34

[Transcriber's note:
This page is formatted as a flowchart labelled "ftm process according to harry
benjamin standards of care, U.S.A. 1979" I will attempt to capture the essence
of the flowchart.]

Start: "rigorous psychological evaluations". Leads to rejected, which is an end,
or accepted, leading to "live exclusively as a man for at least 2 years (if
haven't already)", which leads to "hormones every 2/3 weeks for two years. The
hormones option leads to "negative results" and "positive results". "Negative
results has three outcomes: "liver spots", leading to "rejected" again, "uterus
atrophies" leading to hysterectomy, and "risk of cancer". "Positive results"
leads to "menstruation stops", "increased sex drive", "enlarged clitoris",
and "bilateral masectomy (removal of breasts)".

page 35

"because we are men, not having a penis is very traumatic. you would do almost
anything to get one. having a scar is minor compared to being physically correct."
- John Armstrong

More flowchart follows.

hormone-enlarged clitoris repositioned into small penis

leads to

interior vagina removed
outer labia sewn together and filled with silicone implants to form testicles

abdominal tube phalloplasty
square cut from abdomen to make penis (lacks sensation and requires insertion of rod
for penetration

forearm flap phalloplasty
flap cut from forearm, more sensitive than above but very new and very expensive

page 36

Image: a woman applying makeup

Text: "there are transsexuals, transvestites, female illusionists, crossdressers,
and perverts too. look at michael jackson; now that's a perverted drag. years ago my
father put on my mothers high heels to walk around the house"

Text: joey arias
Text: drag performance artist

Text: "everyone does a little drag..... but mostly in the closet."

page 37

background text: queen straight fairy feminine say faggot transvestite queer bottom
bisexual sex maniac sodomist
dyke sapphist eroticist asexual
third-sexer nanny bull prostitute
wanker genderbender daisy
camp pussy muffdiver housebo
drag king homosexual hermaphrodite
lesbian androgyne nellie butch pervert
chick w dick dagger bitch closet
transsexual poof AC/DC switch-
hitter two-way plug top muff
licker lad cock sucker cake-eater
lady stray SMist lipstick les bimbo
slut shirt-lifter tart battyboy fudge
packer stud hooker

Foreground text: even your favorite label will ultimatley limit you

resist the urge

page 38

Image: a drawing of three faces: masculine, in-between, feminine, appearing to be the
same face


miserable? confused? recognise yourself in these pages? Time to take that big step?


call a TS support group to get information on a sympathetic doctor or psychiatrist
near you.

numbers and addresses can be found in the back of transexpress

page 39

Image: a black background with drawings of lightbulbs in the upper left and right
corners. In the middle, four concentric circles, each brighter as they approach the

Text: the light is reached not by turning back from the darkness but by going
through it.

page 40

The word "QUEENS" is printed down the left side of the page, above the words "part
one". In the middle is a photograph of a woman reclining, her legs crossed,
looking out past the camera. This photograph is surrounded by the word "queens"
repeated. Along the right side of the page, the text: emanuella has taken hormones
to grow breasts but has decided not to have any lower surgery. with a penis and
breasts she is happy to be a third sexer.

page 41


who are you? what do you want? can i help you? say something.

The rest of the page is formatted as lined paper to be written on, with "gender
dilemma" printed in the background. A dashed line with an icon of scissors suggests
this page was meant to be written on and cut out.

page 42

The same format, but the text at the top reads "keep talking......" and at the
bottom the text "post to transexpress at 191 roundhay rd, leeds ls85an, england"

page 43

The same format as page 40, but mirrored; the photo shows a different woman,
hands aloft, and this is labeled "part two".

Text: kimberly is a transvestite who is popular as a ru-paul lookalike, seen here
at a london club. she has had no surgery but lives as a woman.

page 44

are you all dressed up?

here's somewhere to go


TS/TV switchboard, manchester
0161 274 3705
wed/thurs 7-10pm

beaumont society
for tv/ts 0171 730 7453
tues, thurs 7-11pm
for partners 01606 871 984
mon 7-11pm
bm box 3084, london wcln 3xx

liverpool friend
tv/ts line 0151 709 4745
fri 7-10pm
36 bolton st, 13

internet sites

the cyberqueer lounge

the transgender resource guide

queer infoservers

transgender escalator

the transgender forum

safe places (to party etc.)

madame jojos
drag fri/sat 10-3
'naive' (kings) mon
8-10 brewer st, wl
0171 734 2473

ted's place
gay bar, lots women & tgs
305a north end rd, w14
0171 385 9359

new trans essex, basildon
support/social group (wed/sun 7-10pm)
stacy 01268 583761

'housewifes choice', brighton
monthly sat 10-2 (mixed drag)
01273 732870/208042

oriental pub, brighton
drag cabaret (weds eve & sun lunch)
5, montpelier rd
01273 728808

'trans-sister' beachcomber, brighton
glam/camp club, fri 9-4am
arches, 214 kings rd
01273 773054/748682

transvestite social group, brighton
every friday
sophie 01273 328968

page 45

transexpress says yes!

UK addresses


berkshire gender clinic
weekly mixed tg party
jilly 01344 780911

nuns with guns, bristol
monthly queer boat party
stewart 0117 9706716

three tuns, stoke-on-trent
'mixed drag and fun pub'
bucknall new rd, hanley

funny girls, blackpool
mixed cabaret
queen st, 01253 291114

rembrandt hotel
weds, 'concorde'
33 sackville st
0161 236 2435/1311

flex 2, st helens
cabaret bar, 'drag & dancing"
tolver st, wed 8-11.30pm

freakshow, leeds
divine david and the like
(3rd thurs 9-2)
faversham, springfield mt
0113 245 8817

tv/ts group, glasgow
meets 2nd mon
(call switchboard)

madame gillespies, glasgow
tv nightclub, mon-thurs 9-3am
26 cheapside st, 0141 226 5468

the northern concord
(transsexual organisation + magazine) 258
manchester M60 1LN

international TV Repartee
(martine rose)

UK transgender mailing list

tv/ts news
free listings, (send sae)
bm2534, london wcln 3xx

beaumont society
for tv/ts 0171 730 7453
tues,thurs 7-11pm
for partners 01606 871 984
mon 7-11pm
bm box 3084, london wcln 3xx

gender identity counselling
publications and info
bm box 5434, london wcln 3xx
01323 470230

partners group
for partners/families of ts
01323 641 100
bm box 6093, london wcln 3xx

transgender forum

press for change
political and educational
organization, good newsletters

page 46

US addresses
worth braving the ocean for...

educational transvestite channel
po box 426486
san francisco, ca 94142-6486
hotline +1 510 549 2665

international foundation for
gender education
po box 367
wayland, ma 01778

(society for the second self)
po box 194
tulare, ca 93275

transgender nation
584 castro st
san f, ca 94114

genderflex zine
billie jean jones
3430 balmoral dr. no.10
sacramento, ca 95821

affordable fantasies and illusions
(personal advice, outfitting etc.)
catalogue $5 156
pa 19095 0156
+1 215 782 9024

crap hound
(issues 2 & 3:
'sex and kitchen gadgets')
po box 40373
portland, oregon

'in your face' magazine
(a comprehensive listing
of all subversive actions
against gender oppression
around the U.S.)
Riki Wilchins
274 W11 St
NYC 10014

(transgendered health and
medicine organisation) 33724
GA 30033
(404) 939 2128

Tere Frederickson
(transsexual activist)
2931 Burnt Oak
San Antonio
TX 78232 1803

the sexuality library
938 howard st. suite 101
san francisco, ca 94103

Uk events
sex addicts ball
celebration of all kinds of sexual obsessions, london, september

portchester hall drag ball
'a great fanfare of drag' notting hill gate, also september

page 47

Image: a silhouetted male figure casts a feminine shadow

Text: thanks to people who helped- i tried to write a long list but i
started giving too much away...... for legal and personal reasons it
turned out not to be worth it!

next transexpress...........
real articles
real letters
the same old
the history of
tips for kings
film guide
readers and
their wives
(get your
pictures in
and the rest.

page 48 - back cover

There is a black background. White text reads: "a woman once referred
to me 'disgusting zest for life', and thats all it is. you have a
disgusting zest for life and then you want a greater kingdom".

-quentin crisp


back soon